Teen Drivers Fayetteville AR

How to Decrease Teen Driver Accidents

Having a driver’s license does not mean that you are an expert in driving. This is true in the case of most of the teenage drivers who just got their license. They find it difficult to control the vehicle at times, judge the width of gaps in traffic, adjusting to the speed of the vehicles in front, and other similar things. Parent’s intervention can better the situation in these cases.

Teen drivers while traveling with their parents are less likely to meet with an accident than when traveling with friends. No matter what the traffic rules are, teenagers when given power, face trouble getting it under control. When parents are around, they will be more careful and the parents can help them make a decision related to driving when they are confused.

If your son has gone out with his friends to a party in his car, don’t get paranoid. Remember, your words and reminders will work better than those traffic boards and public interest advertisements he sees. This is why it is important to talk to him about being safe on the road.

Don’t get all control- freaky while talking to your kids. They might not listen to any of your advice because you are saying it in the wrong way. Talk to them being one among them, in the friendliest yet assertive way.

Let them know about the consequences of over-speeding, drinking and driving, and breaking other traffic rules and how serious trouble they can get into. Share your own or your friends’ experiences when you were young regarding this matter.

Talk to them about the value of life and how painful the aftermath of an accident would be. If not for themselves, they need to drive safe for their family and friends, or for the innocent pedestrians and motorists who can get hurt or die due to their carelessness.